Facts & Figures

Braas Monier Building Group is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of pitched roof products, including both roof tiles and roofing components in Europe and parts of Asia and South Africa.

We have been making pitched roof products for almost a century, and our expertise, developed over this extended period of time, covers all steps of the manufacturing process. We are one of the few manufacturers to sell both a comprehensive range of concrete and clay tiles for pitched roofs and complementary roofing components designed to cover various functional aspects of roof construction. And in addition to that Braas Monier offers its customers a comprehensive range of chimney and energy system solutions.

The Group continuously develops pioneering innovations for sustainable building such as roof-integrated solar systems. That way, the Braas Monier Building Group utilises the full potential of roofs in the interest of sustainability - for the benefit of its customers as well as today┬┤s and future generations.

The Group is headquartered in Luxembourg and has operations in 36 countries, with 107 production facilities. In 2013, approximately 7,400 employees generated revenues of 1,228.2 million euros.

Revenues by Product Category 2013

Revenues by Geographies 2013

Production facilities

  • 107 production sites in 27 countries

business activities

  • We operate in 36 countries and
    sell into more than 50 countries

Global headcount

  • approx. 7,400
    (as at 31/12/2013)


  • Mainly institutional investors and banks

Group Holding

  • Luxembourg


  • Roofing tiles
  • Roofing components
  • Roofing systems
  • Insulation
  • Chimney systems (steel and clay)
  • Ventilation systems (roofs and living spaces)