Vertical Tiling

What is the minimum roof pitch for Winchester cutting?

Winchester cutting of vertical plain tiles is a traditional means of finishing tiles against a verge. However the process of cutting two tile-and-a-halves to fit the verge results in only a single nail fixing at roof pitches below 40º. This can result in cut tiles rattling in the wind or tiles rotating out of position. It is for this reason that BS 8000: Part 6: 2013: Code of practice for slating and tiling of roofs and walls, Workmanship on building sites, states a minimum pitch for Winchester cutting of 40º. For pitches below 40º a continuous lead flashing should be dressed under the verge and over the cut tiles by 150mm. This will cover part of the detail but act as a continuous verge clip. Alternatively a soldier course or double soldier course of tiles under the verge can be used.