Concrete Half Round MonoRidge Tiles

Half Round Monoridge Tiles are available in concrete in colours:

  • Brown
  • Antique Red
  • Red
  • Cotswold
  • Natural Red
  • Slate Grey
  • Terracotta
  • Tudor Brown
  • Rustic Brown
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Rustic Red
  • Terracotta Brindle (Landmark finish)
  • Brown Brindle (Landmark finish)
  • All Heathland Colours
  • For Rosemary Clay use Landmark

They can be dry fixed or mortar bedded.

Block End Half Round Monoridge Tiles in Left Hand and Right Hand are available in the colours above with the exception of Red, Rustic Brown, Charcoal Grey, and Heathland colours. They must be used at the verge when using the Cloaked Verge or Ambi-Dry Verge Systems.

When using Old Hollow, Cathedral, Regent, Grovebury, Fenland Pantile or Landmark Double Pantile with mortar bedded monoridge tiles, bed Dentil Slips in the pans of the tiles.