Concrete & Clay Terminals for Roof Ventilation, Soil or Mechanical Extraction
Ridge Vent Terminal Product View

The Ridge Ventilation Terminal is a neat method of providing ventilation to a soil ventilation pipe or mechanical ventilation system at ridge level. It will also provide roof space ventilation at high level.


The components of the Ridge Ventilation Terminal comply with BS EN 490: 2011, BS 5250: 2011, BS 5534: 2014 and BS 5572: 2000.


Half Round Ridge Ventilation Terminals are available in all concrete colours with the exception of 39 Farmhouse Red (use 34 Terracotta), 52 Breckland Brown (use 36 Tudor Brown), 53 Breckland Black (use 30 Slate Grey), 47 Brecon Grey and 64 Blue. They are also available in all Rosemary Clay colours except 60 Vintage Blue, 80 Terracotta, 80 Vintage Red and 82 Brindle (please note that they are however available in 80 Red and 82 Medium Mixed Brindle).

Universal Angle Ridge Ventilation Terminals are available in 11 Red, 30 Slate Grey, 34 Terracotta, 35 Rustic Brown, 36 Tudor Brown, 47 Brecon Grey, 63 Black and 64 Blue.


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